Twenty three bikes and frames, plus several parts and accessories confirmed for the cycle auction at Itchen Abbas on Saturday 3rd June.

They include a hardly ridden Rotrax Audax gents bike, a Don Louis frame, a Dawes ladies hybrid plus several classic and modern bikes.

There are a half a dozen unconfirmed bikes including a ridden once ladies Boardman hybrid and a Curly Hetchins! Plus an unknown number that will arrive on the day bringing the total to around 50 bikes.

Do you have a bike to sell? If yes, please post an image and description on the web site now so it can be seen by potential buyers. The seller’s fees are as the general auction £1 per lot and 12.% commission.

Bring your bike(s) to the auction at 08:00 and not later than 09:00 for them to be lotted up and put on display. Free tea and coffee available for sellers at this time.