Bumblebee Auctions is the official auction website used by most police forces in England and Wales to sell lost property and goods seized from criminals. This week the starting bid on a Gary Fisher Tarpon bicycle was £1. A similar second-hand one costs about £300 on eBay.

If you would like certain goods but cannot afford them, this is a good route to try. This Police On Line Auction House works very like ebay but can be very much cheaper. They offer stolen and seized assets – some of which are amazing.

The latest bid for a used Yamaha monitor speaker was £10.50 (a new one costs £133.58 on eBay).  Why not invest in a digital CCTV camera by Genie for just £12? It is being sold in a damaged package but is “believed to be new”. CCTV Shopper sells the same model for £132.29. To buy on Bumblebee you need to set up an account with Nochex e-money payment system, which takes a few days. Once you have a valid Nochex account you register on Bumblebee where the buying system is very similar to other online auctions.

There are downsides. Many of the items must be collected in person from the police stations selling them, although they will deliver certain items. Also, the selection available is relatively small. The complicated sign-up process may mean that you miss out on the item you’ve had an eye on and Nochex charges between 1p and £3 to check your payment card.

Other ways to buy stolen goods legally are official police eBay shops (check the website of your police force to see if they have one). Many police use local auction houses all of which are on our GAUK database.

Below is a taste of the current items on offer together with how many.