POLLY pockets, super soakers and Pokemon – the toys that dreams were made of when we were kids.

But some of these retro toys now have a vintage price tag to go with them – and many of them are worth thousands of pounds to collectors.

So if you know you have one or two of these gems tucked away in the attic, now is the time to go and dig them out.

They might just pay for your next holiday.

1. Pokemon cards

fortune pokemon

Many of us have hundreds of the things in a box somewhere, but some of them are worth a jaw dropping amount of money.

Currently there is a mint condition Charizard card for sale on Ebay for $3,499.99. That’s £2,394 with the current exchange rate.

There is a Venusaur card on sale for $2,499.00 (£1,710) and a Scyther card for $2,300 (£1,574).

There is also a collection of rare mint condition cards for $18,244. That’s £12,500!

2. Cabbage patch kids

cabbage patch kids

A favourite among little girls everywhere, cabbage patch dolls were the thing to have at school

But now some of the rarer ones are on sale for more than two thousand pounds.

One from 1978 is currently up for auction at £2,047 and another at £1,706.

3. VHS tapes


Some of these are worth £1,500, so worth a check in your drawers at home.

Here is the full list of 21 tapes worth thousands of pounds

4. The Game Boy


The handheld console which started everything – The Game Boy is now worth £1,000.

But in order to rack up that kind of cash it will need to still be in mint condition. And sealed. And never touched ever.

5. My Little Pony

If you still have any of these horses lying around, they can be worth up to £50 each online.

6. Lego


Everyone had Lego, and a lot of it is now worth a ridiculous amount of money.

An Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon is currently on sale for £8,000 on Amazon.

7. Supersoakers


Although the one pictured is a much newer and snazzier version of the ones going for hundreds of pounds, it is worth checking the ones you do have on Ebay.

A 2004 one is currently for sale on Ebay for £199 and a Super Soaker Max Infusion is on sale for £600.

8. Polly Pockets

If you have managed to get through your childhood without losing all the tiny little pieces that came with these, you could be in for a cash reward.

Although many of the normal sets are selling for a couple of hundred pounds, a few are well into the thousands.

Unbelievably, the Polly Pocket Zip ‘N Splash Playset by Mattel is now worth £4,000.

9. Easy Bake ovens


These are still in demand, even used ones, and are going for around £570 on Ebay if you still have one hidden away.

10. Tamigotchi


Virtually impossible to keep alive, these things were the nightmares of teachers and parents everywhere.

Luckily, you don’t need to have kept it alive for 30 years to make between £100 to £500 on Ebay, just kept it in a pristine packet.

11. Digimon Digivices


The Digimon version of the Tamigotchi, these are also worth £165 each.

12. Care Bears

Care bear

Sometimes still seen at car boot sales, they are on sale for between £100 and £400 online.

13. He-man action figures

Much more popular in America in the UK, but if you do happen to have a mint condition toy then it will sell online for up to £400.

14. And finally, Beanie Babies.

Beanie Babies

Remember how we were told these would be worth millions when we were older?

Well it turns out it’s still a while away.

Unless you have the rare Princess Di beanie baby which is currently up for auction at £150,000. Wow.

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