A Northern Ireland auction house is selling off a drug smuggler’s plane as part of a huge haul of seized criminal loot.    The £100,000 Cessna P210 Centurion plane was seized during an attempt to smuggle £5million worth of drugs in north Yorkshire.

The plane was grounded during a joint law enforcement agency operation in November 2014.

A high wing, single engine, six seat, high performance, general aviation aircraft of which there are only seven Cessna 210 aircrafts on the UK and Irish register and only one of these seven is the same model as the P210.

The 1980 aircraft was professionally dismantled for search and storage purposes and rebuilt for display at Wilsons Auctions branch in preparation for auction on the March 31.

Also going under the hammer is a number of high value items including luxury cars, personalised numberplates, watches, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, the same model that appeared in the Terminator films and jewellery.

The plane is the undoubted star of the forthcoming sale with its colourful history.  It was recovered from an attempted drug smuggle in Yorkshire in 2014 and Wilsons have been instructed by the government to sell it.

The plane has already caused a buzz of excitement and will be on show at the headquarters in Mallusk.   More information can be viewed at their site.

There will also be a diverse selection of government repossessions including luxury watches, cars, motorbikes, designer handbags and cherished number plates so there is something for everyone. All lots are unreserved and will be auctioned off to the highest bidder so there could be a chance for a real bargain.”

There is also a Porsche Cayman which could fetch between £20,000 and £30,000.

Probably the most prestigious items in the auction are a selection of individual number plates, including 2RC and 8RC which last changed hands for £50,000 each and makes them worth more than most cars on the road.

The sale takes place at Wilson Auctions Mallusk on Thursday March 31 at 7pm.