CV registrations have risen 23.5% in April, with similar growth of 23.9% for the year to-date.

Strong demand for trucks has continued, up 43.5% in April to 3,900 units.

Van registrations have increased for the 12th consecutive month to 24,927, up 20.9%.

April % change Year-to-date % change Rolling year % change
Vans 24,927 20.9% 122,702 22.0% 343,851 21.9%
Trucks 3,900 43.5% 14,581 41.7% 45,758 -13.4%
Total 28,827 23.5% 137,283 23.9% 389,609 16.4%

“With business confidence still on the up, the strong uplift enjoyed in the commercial vehicle market this year has continued into spring,” said Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive.

“Demand for new vans is stronger than ever, with the sector recording its 12th consecutive month of growth in April.

“The move towards larger vehicles across all segments was again evident last month, with rigids weighing in over six tonnes and three-axle artics driving the increase in truck registrations.

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