As our society continues to develop into a tech-savvy community, the need for a watch is not as great as it once was.

Everyday technology surprises us with something new, but who’s to say this doesn’t apply to watches? Whilst many of us appreciate the time and effort put into luxury watch construction to create timeless pieces, the modern generation have been busy developing whacky and innovative watches, and why not? A watch isn’t just for telling the time these days, a watch can make a statement, whether it’s for fashion or just for fun! Every item of clothing or accessories we wear makes some kind of statement to the next person that walks by and notices.


Representing the generation of the 90s is the boombox watch by Flud. The boombox watch comes in two colours gold or gunmetal and prices around $90. This watch is definitely a statement maker and would most likely be worn on the wrist of an outgoing music lover! The boombox watch can be bought from a variety of retailers, although it is American based it is sold on websites such as Amazon.

Taking it back to the old-school 80s the Pacman watch enables you to relive those youthful days! Romain Jeroma released the Pacman series, but this watch does not come cheap as it prices at just under a whopping $18000. The watch is available at very limited edition and they’re not easy to come by.

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Pre-Owned Luxury Watches

The collection is constantly changing as pieces come and go, but we have become renowned for the breadth and calibre of the watches available, from brand like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, Breitling, Omega and TAG Heuer. Our pre-owned of the month for January is a Lacher & Co. Pforzheim Big Pilot Navigation Watch which is available to purchase now.
In most cases our pre-owned watches are reconditioned and serviced by the brands themselves before they arrive in our showrooms. They are also brand-certified, fully warranted and guaranteed so you can have every confidence in your purchase.

The minimal analogue watch design by unknown watch designer Roderick represents a simplified analogue watch that retains functionality and ease of use. The watch has been designed for both males and females but it is predicted that the watch will attract predominantly the younger generation.

The design seems so sleek and simplistic yet no designer has opted for this look before!


Pacman watch 

In this day and age watches are no longer wanted for their mechanical function, instead as consumers we seek fashion, technology and statements! Although we may not necessarily need a watch as we have so many other things that tell us the time such as mobile phones, music players, iPads and other portable media players. The novelty has however not yet worn off and instead of dismissing the watch, we embrace it as an accessory we will always want to show off on our wrists!

Susan Booker is a freelance copywriter from London who enjoys writing articles on timeless fashion accessories and travel. She enjoys poetry, art, photography and mango sorbet.

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