There has been an inundation of sellers on eBay – powersellers with good reps no less – offering to sell their “secret” suppliers list for a small (or not so small) fee.

They offer the secret to how you too can become a powerseller too – make thousands a month in profits – let them show you how!! But according to one ebay user “it’s just a bunch of crap.”

He goes on: Most of the time the person selling the info is selling nothing more than the list – it’s a scam!

If the suppliers are so good then why aren’t the sellers of the list selling the products?

And when they are selling products as well make a note of how many of the other listings are restricted to pre-approved buyers – when you email them to ask to be added to the list of pre-approved buyers – guess what – no reply.

There is one seller of these lists that is using multiple eBay user ID’s to bid on his own stuff – and getting away with it as he hides the user id’s of the people bidding on them. It looks great to unsuspecting Jo Bloggs who sees these items going for so much and who are unaware that in fact nothing is being sold, the photos on the listing are lifted from the internet and aren’t even pictures of the actual stuff.

There never was a PSP for sale in the first place and the guy was just bidding on it himself under different ID’s. This kind of activity is all too common. They even extrort feedback from you by threatening you with bad feedback if you don’t leave them positive feedback! (A parctice now stopped by ebay)

We bought a list off one guy who sent us an email after we paid for it basically telling us that he had our address on file and if we left him bad feedback then he would be round to break our legs – charming. That’s why they hardly ever get bad feedback because the people who buy it don’t wish to risk something bad happening to them and just conform – which leaves other unsuspecting eBayers at risk of falling for the same scam.

There is another one on ebay who is saying that he is selling the stock under a different name, and will not reveal the name of the ID he uses to sell the other stock. Is this because there is no other ID and there is no stock as the only thing he sells is the list?

What makes it worse is the fact that he has listed up the same stock list four times, each with different prices for the same information. He has a screen shot of his ebay account which shows his “earnings” and the balance is an impressive £14000+ but it is from Jan 06 and that could be just from the sales of these lists alone.

He has one listed up for £14.99, one for £9.99, one for £5.50, and the last one is up for £2.20 – all the listings are the same but there is a significant difference in the price! Why would he charge such differing prices for the same information?? Well, that one I can answer – because saps like us get caught up in what is being offered and most of the time don’t think before you click on the buy it now button, we get caught up in daydreams of being able to make as much money as they are saying you can, and imagining what it will be like to have the contacts needed to make the kinds of profits they all but promise.

But once you’ve bought it up pops a list of sellers other items and you see the same listings on for 75%, 50% and 25% of the price you’ve just paid and that’s when it dawns on you that you have been HAD, well and truly. We’ve been there before and paid the price for it.

These people are making money from people’s desire to make a bit of extra cash – and whats more they are getting away with it. Just imagine there are 100 of these lists available at £15.99 a time – if all of them sell @ this price that’s £1599 he has made from selling the lists that one time. If only ten of them sell he has still raked in £159.90 for doing nothing more than sending out a list of websites where you can get wholesale products. Most of these sites require a tax code as they will not sell to anyone except businesses who are VAT registered, some of them require a joining fee – part of which goes to the person who supplied you with the web address in the first place making them more money – but worst of all these websites can be found by simply typing wholesalers into the yahoo/google search engine or whichever search engine you have.

Not everyone who buys these lists wants to buy a huge amount to start with – they just want to buy one or two to sell and then use the profit from the first couple to buy three or four next time and then expand from there – well that’s what we wanted to do.

We were promised PSP’s and DS Lites at 75% of the retail price and told what the profit potential on them was and our eyes bulged and we bought the list. Within the hour we had contacted thirty of the suppliers on the lists and waited with anticipation for their reply’s, certain that when they came we would be on our way to the best deal ever!

Within a couple of days our excitement had waned, we got replies from a few saying they only deal with trade customers, a few who said they only stocked or sold in huge quantities, and a couple who quoted us high street prices for the products we wanted, and by the end of the first week we were deflated. We had a chat and talked about a business loan and went in with the big guns and asked for a quote on 300 DS Lites – positive that we would get a really good price on such a large amount – we didn’t give up that easily – we asked 26 different suppliers (the ones who would deal with us non trade customers) and eagerly awaited the replies.

Two weeks passed without a word and then, just as we were giving up hope we got four replies from different suppliers in one fell swoop. With baited breath and fingers crossed we opened the first email and were DISGUSTED to see that the “discounted price” was in fact only five pounds per console cheaper than buying from the high street and then when you added the shipping on top they would actually cost £7.50 per console more than the high street prices.

The next supplier offered a a slightly higher discount on the consoles but charged even more for shipping. The next was the same and the next the same, and over the next few days allof the suppliers sent us the same info – it was clear that even buying in bulk from these robbers was not going to be profitable. We contacted the guy we bought the information off several times in the space of 2 days (several = about 100 times) and got no reply – all we wanted to know was how he is able to buy the products at the prices he promised. Still to this day we have had no reply. His listing promised endless after sales support and guidance thru the process of getting the products and we got neither. At the end of the day this guy had what he wanted (our cash) and from that day forward we were on our own.

We have bought at least six of these so called wonder lists – the secret to our success (NOT) and are still scraping by like always –

Another one to look out for is a comapny called A quick search under ‘eSources Scam’ will yeild a surprising number of results. Please do not sign up to this website. The information is old and outdated and you will find it very hard to get your monty back

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