Antique and vintage home décor have become very popular interior decorating options in recent years.

Some of the increase in popularity of the “in with the old, out with the new” idea may be traced to the surge in environmental consciousness; both vintage and antique décor require reusing and repurposing furniture and other accessories and items rather than discarding them – a positive for the environment. Most of the pieces that our classified as vintage or antique were made 50-100 years ago and are constructed more durably than the mass-produced items found today.

Accessories are also an integral part of any room decorated in a vintage home décor style and another great opportunity to reuse, repurpose and reinvigorate antique collectables. Whether the items are part of a treasured collection or a new creation made from treasures of someone else’s past, antique collectables and accessories help to finish a room and add a touch of whimsy and warmth.

Types of antique collectables

In general, an antique collectable can include anything from children’s toys to jewellery; old jars, bottles and wooden pieces.

Glassware is a very common collectable and a wide variety of types of glassware and decorative glass may readily be found at car boot sales and in thrift shops. Glasses, dessert bowls, plates, vases and small figurines are examples of the types of antique glassware that may be found. Functional glass is also very popular, both for its collectable as well as its decorative value. Kilner type jars may often be found in large numbers and can be filled with any number of items, both decorative and useful, to charming effect.

Old toys can make a wonderful accent for a vintage décor-style room. An old teddy bear or a porcelain doll placed in a small rocking chair or perched upon a bookshelf brings a touch of charm and whimsy to any room. Another popular group of collectables are piggy banks, in particular mechanized versions. It is not at all unusual to find antique mechanized piggy banks that still accept coins.

Antique jewellery, especially costume jewellery, has retained a steady following, but these decorative and flashy pieces are not simply for wear. A collection of antique costume brooches or earrings may be carefully arranged in shadow boxes to create a unique arrangement of wall art. Pieces may also be used as decorative additions to pull chains on lamps or as accents on napkin rings or curtain tiebacks.

Antique collectables made of various types of wood may include such varied items as pipe rests, jewellery boxes, music boxes, carvings, painted duck decoys, as well as hand-made stools and storage bins. Frames are another common wooden piece found in vintage décor and may range from small frames suitable for snapshots to large frames to hold paintings. Whether they are used to hold family photos or fancy artwork, or perhaps used for something creative that is completely different, they are easy to find and obtain.

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