Meet Stefano Carboni, Owner of eSources and Several Fake Wholesale Websites …. Beware!


Pictured Stefano Carboni Director of, Source: Facebook



Full Information: eSources and Wholesaledeals Forum Scam

gauk users have drawn our attention to a FAKE review posted on a forum under the title of: Scam – Review of Gauk Fraud

We do not normally respond to this type of garbage however the false allegations on this page are so serious that we felt we should address the post.

Google have banned the libellous and malicious post from appearing in their search results but there are so many ‘keywords’ that it is sometimes viewable.

The post was made by Mr Carboni himself under a false name (as are many of the posts on the forum) in response to our legal action for the theft of our entire auction database.  The auction data in now some years old but still published on eSources.  Suffice to say, as with the wholesale data, it is now entirely out of date.

A quick Google search on the phrase: ‘Stefano Carboni Scam’ will reveal a surprising number of results:

Customers have been actively exposing Carboni and we applaud the fact that they have not been deterred by Carboni’s ridiculous legal threats and rebuttals on forums and other websites.

gauk first became aware of Carboni’s existence when he approached us asking ‘if he could promote our auction data on an affiliate basis as it would be a good match for his wholesale service’.  A few mails were passed and nothing came of it, mainly due to the fact Carboni failed to deliver on any of his promises.

Through routinely searching and checking seo, esources suddenly started coming up under ‘auctions’ related keywords … this was unusual especially as only a few weeks prior they had absolutely no auction database and only maintained out of date and stolen wholesale data.

Miraculously, Carboni had managed to find every auctioneer in the UK ‘through organic research!!!’ (a feat that took gauk many years of ongoing work to accomplish), and place it in his database that, astonishingly duplicated that of gauk verbatim. Even the categories were word-perfect; categories that had been created by a hard working researcher.

Naturally Carboni was approached and said it must be a ‘data input mistake’ and ‘would look at it’ … of course he didn’t and the data is still appearing on his other website which, again appears to be trading at false an accommodation address:

However, a quick who-is search on the domain and hey presto!  Carboni rears his ugly head:

There appear to be no end of people who have nothing good to say about this person and eSources.

Mr Carboni hides behind his accommodation addresses and never answers his mobile.


The address given is an accommodation address, not a real trading office violating domain registration guidelines: gle+Search&start=0

Registrant’s fake address:
27 Old Gloucester Street

Registrant’s real address:
Flat 73
Leeward Court
Asher Way

Real Contact number: 0785 984 9394

Several years ago Mr Carboni approached us with a view to selling our auction data. We made arrangements to facilitate this via a number of mails and phone calls and then heard nothing. A few weeks later we were shocked to find our data coming up in Google searches on After further investigation we found that Mr Carboni had ‘scraped’ our Auction data in it’s entirety. This data, although now several years out of date, is still publicly available at

We took a number of steps to stop Carboni but each time his reaction was more and more damaging to us.  He would anonymously post on his fake forums leaving us with few options. We decided to leave the situation as it was and move on with our business rather than waste precious time and resources in a purely negative cycle and possibly provoke further malicious postings by Carboni on the forums.  We did take advice and were told that it is very difficult to seek redress in these situations as we need to ‘prove’ Mr Carboni posted the comment.  It was also pointed out that any action on our behalf may trigger yet more malicious comment from Carboni under various pseudonyms.

It appears that time is running out for esources. Consumer action on forums is having an affect and according to Alexa eSources rankings are dropping daily.

The forum post is a completely libellous fabrication designed to cause disruption to me and my company (which is has done over the years).

  • gauk have never been reported to any police department. Copyright content is not a police matter.
  • gauk Auctions is highly transparent, has a team of data input staff who keep the data fresh and clean and totally up to date as far as our resources allow. The entire auctions database of 1800 auctioneers is manually checked daily and is totally current so far as we are aware. The data we publish is clearly available on the public pages without subscribing.
  • The post actively promotes ways to get our information for free: ‘No need to pay gauk, just visit the auctioneers categories, search the auctioneer name in Google, and hey presto you have all the auctions.’
  • The photograph is not a picture of Paul Tranter and thankfully, looks nothing like him!
  • The company is not based in Cyprus

Mr Carboni is very well know to the internet community as person with a very disreputable nature.  There are hundreds of posts about him and his actions:

We do hope this clarifies the situation.  It is very unfortunate that this individual is allowed to cause so many people so many issues; he has certainly caused us many unsolicited problems over the years and our only hope, along with literally hundreds of others is that he is finally subjected to a full investigation by the relevant authorities and prevented from trading.

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