Now you can instantly turn clear glass into frosted privacy glass with the flip of a switch. Privacy Glass allows total privacy or unobstructed viewing.

Most frequently called ‘Privacy Glass’, Electric Glass was first introduced by 3M Corporation over 25 years ago, and became very popular and since, has proven itself in applications for over 20 years. This product was recently highlighted in the Hollywood Movie “Sum of All Fears” starring Ben Affleck.

Developed through a joint venture between 3M Company and Viracon, privacy glass laminates 3M Privacy Film between two panes of glass. The windows are wired to a switch.

With the flip of a switch you can instantly change the glass from clear to frosted. It’s that simple.

So how does it work?

Liquid crystals – the same technology that’s been used in digital watches and computer screens for years.

Liquid crystals are sandwiched between two layers of transparent conductive film to make 3M Privacy Film. The film is then laminated between two pieces of glass by the glass manufacturer. When electricity is applied to the film the liquid crystals line up and the window is clear.

When the power is turned off, the liquid crystals return to their normal positions and turn the glass from clear to frosted.

A number plate could easily be set behind a piece of this glass with some innovation…for privacy purposes of course!

The Liquid Crystal Privacy film is sandwiched between the glass makeup in a similar way to Laminated glass is constructed. The outside skins are made up of glass (normally 5 or 6mm annealed glass) each side, then a PVB interlayer is inserted on each side to trap and hold the Liquid Crystal Privacy film

The Liquid Crystal Privacy film is made up from electrically conductive coatings, a polymer matrix and liquid crystals. This film has electrical wiring to be connected to a transformer to supply power for the “On” (clear state) mode.

In the “Off” mode, the glass is in a frosted state.

In the “On” mode, the glass is in a clear state

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