Proceeds of crime auctions

If You’ve Ever Thought Something Was So Cheap 
It Must Have Fallen Off The Back Of A Lorry… 
You Could Be Right!

take me to proceeds of crime auctions

Proceeds of crime act 2002

The Proceeds of Crime Act, 2002 established three broad groups of offences related to money laundering, that firms and the staff working for them need to avoid committing: Knowingly assisting in concealing, or arranging for the acquisition, use or possession of criminal property. Failing to report knowledge or suspicions of possible money laundering. Tipping off another person that a money laundering report has been made, thus possibly prejudicing the investigation. The Act also made it an offence to impede any investigation, including. Destroying or disposing of any documents that are relevant to an investigation. Failure by a firm to comply with a customer information order.

As featured by the BBC in their gripping docu-series ‘Ill Gotten Gains’. They say that crime doesn’t pay. Well maybe not for those who are stupid enough to put their lives and liberty on the line by committing burglary, theft or fraud but thanks to the Proceeds of Crime Act it can for you!

But what I’m writing about today is something very different – a clever and totally legal (if a little devious) way to profit from crime…one where someone else takes all the risks and suffers all the consequences, and then you quietly step in later and pick up the rewards…

No risk, no hassles and with the full backing
of the police and the government!

Here’s what it’s all about…

In the old days, if you committed a crime and got caught, more often than not you’d go to jail and when you got out again your ill-gotten gains would be waiting for you. The State had some powers to confiscate your assets, but it wasn’t easy. There were a lot of hoops to jump through, and they had to prove which crimes the assets came from before they could be seized.  But then in 2002, along came the ‘Proceeds Of Crime Act’….Yawn!

I sense I’m  risking boring you to tears,
so let me put this in a nutshell…

The 2002 Act  made it much easier for the State to seize the assets of anyone convicted of a crime they’d benefited from financially. Much of the burden of proof was lifted.  And that is the basis of the opportunity I’m writing about today…

  1. Individuals commit serious crimes.
  2. They get caught.
  3. They go to jail
  4. Their assets are seized…

…And You Grab Them For Pennies On The Pound!

What could be easier than that?

A drug dealer (say) makes a pile of money which he blows on fast cars, expensive jewellery and the contents of his local Curry’s. He gets caught, is sent to jail and the proceeds of his crimes are confiscated. At this point, you step in and buy up some or all of his assets for a tiny fraction of what they’re really worth.

A massive profit from crime…and all
with police and government backing!

You see the police and authorities are desperate to offload the proceeds of the drug dealers crimes. To them it’s just a headache – something taking up valuable time and space. They want to turn this headache into hard cash and they want to do it quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Have you ever heard the term ‘easy come, easy go’?  Well these seized assets came pretty easily to the state. They were free! So ANY cash the authorities can raise is a bonus. Add into the mix, the fact that government officials and police officers aren’t known for their commercial acumen, and here’s what you get….

seized assets

Criminals forced to hand over £14MILLION by police, including homes, cars and cash – Birmingham Live

Brand new top of the range stuff (everything from cars right through to state-of-the-art TV’s, jewellery, top-drawer watches and iPhones) dumped at low profile, under-publicised auctions where they raise nowhere near what they’re worth…

These auctions have NO RESERVE for goodness sake!

Now compare that with somewhere like eBay where the whole world is in competition for what’s on offer, and canny sellers can ramp up bids and set ambitious reserve prices. The chances of getting a bargain are severely diminished, and certainly  a lot less than at these ‘proceeds of crime auctions’ I’m  talking about here.

Buy at one of these secret auctions, list what you bought on eBay or another used goods sale site straight away, and it’s possible to make huge (sometimes 1,000%+) profit with virtually no effort at all – often over night!

Can you see what a massive opportunity this is?

Millions of pounds worth of seized assets offloaded at ridiculously low prices at auctions without reserve. Anyone can bid. Anyone can cash in. Don’t let anyone tell you crime doesn’t pay ever again! When you have the police and the government spoon-feeding you outrageous profit opportunities like these it pays very well.

Better than eBay!

eBay has alerted tens of millions to the money making power of auctions, and that’s part of the problem. It’s a great place to sell, but the sheer number of people trying to find a bargain usually rules out them finding one. What’s more, sellers set reserve prices which ensure that what they’re offering doesn’t get sold  for a ‘silly’ price. That doesn’t happen at a Proceeds Of Crime auction.Offer the most and you get the item. It’s as simple as that.

The staggering £1billion haul of assets seized by police from criminals in just a year

Serious crimes yield the biggest and juiciest bargains, but don’t think for one moment that these auctions are just for people with a big wedge to invest. The spoils seized from petty thieves also find their way into the auction room. It’s not unusual to find shoplifted goods (Pairs of Nike trainers for £2 each or boxed electric toothbrushes for £1) and the result of other petty thefts (bikes routinely change for less than a fiver) on offer in abundance.

It’s true…less than £5 for a bike!

How hard would you have to work to build a lucrative business if you could buy stock at these sort of prices? When you see stuff for sale on eBay for crazy low prices, you  could be forgiven for thinking it must have been stolen. Chances are you were half right!  But the difference is that it’s was probably all legal and above board.

A few in-the-know insiders are cleaning up by buying at these low key ‘proceeds of crime’ auctions and then selling on eBay or at some other used goods site for a massive profit. There’s nothing clever or difficult about it – buy in one market for next to nothing, and then sell in another at a price which still looks a bargain to the customer. The only thing stopping you doing the same is a little insider information (more about that in a moment) and the get up and go to take some action.

You can’t sit on your backside!

Well you can, but you have to make a bit of effort – do a little research first.  The sort of bargains I’m talking about here aren’t openly advertised in your local paper. That rules out a lot of the bone idle and feckless – people who want everything to just drop in their lap. Assuming you’re not like that (You’re not, are you?) this gives you a huge advantage. Just by finding out what’s available, you put yourself head and shoulders above 99% of the population – people who will probably end up buying from you later for a huge mark up!

In a moment I’m going to tell you how to short-circuit most of the effort involved but incredibly, even the bit that’s left will be too much for most people.  But if you are ready and willing to take action, this is a genuine opportunity which could transform your fortunes. I said at the start that you could easily make £1,000 a week from proceeds of crime auctions. The truth is that you could make a great deal more. The sky’s the limit!

But Isn’t This Somehow…Wrong?

Golden Gucci shoes and diamond earrings: ill-Gotten Gains. These eye-catching gold Gucci shoes were also recovered by officials

Tell people you deal in stolen goods and it doesn’t sound too good does it? But here’s the thing, everything is with the blessing of the police, the courts and the government. They want to dispose of these goods (which have either been bought with stolen money or can’t be returned to their owner) and you’re doing them a favour by buying them. It’s not your fault if they go for a song because the auction isn’t well publicised. And here’s the icing on the cake…

You’ll be helping charities and
other local good causes.

It’s true. You see most police forces use the money from their proceeds of crime seizures to fund local charities and community projects. Who’d have thought dealing in stolen goods would have a positive outcome like that?

So what do you need to get involved,
and to grab your share of the profits?

Well as I said earlier, information is the key, and you’ll need to register at the website. The extensive library reveals every last piece of ‘nuts and bolts’ information you’ll need to start making money from seized assets and the proceeds of crime which regularly turn up at under-publicised police auctions.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn…

  • A list of  ‘secret’ auctioneers across England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland selling off seized goods and other proceeds of crime at silly prices.
  • Where to buy everything from bricks and mortar properties to luxury cars to top quality electrical goods…right through to jewellery, watches, trainers and sports gear at a fraction of the regular price….and all with no reserve!
  • How to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’ and only bid on the most outrageous bargains with the highest profit margins.
  • The ‘nitty-gritty’ of  proceeds of crime auction etiquette and procedure. How to side-step the pitfalls and bag the hottest deals.
  • How to beat the pro’s,  insiders and full time traders at their own game. It’s easy when you know how.
  • How to advertise, market and sell your ‘stolen goods’ for massive profits.
  • How to build a full time enviable income working just a few hours a week.

…and a great deal more!

A record £161m worth of assets, including watches, diamonds, sports cars and other luxury goods was seized from criminals in the UK in just one year

Remember….anyone can attend these proceeds of crime auctions. You don’t need to apply, you don’t need a pass or licence, you don’t need to be screened or vetted. All you need is the date, the time, the location and the right insider information on what to buy and how to profit from it,  and you can be up and running and making money within days.

Heck, it’s worth taking a look at
this even if you don’t want to trade!

Maybe you’re…

  • Looking to buy a new family car at a knock down price.
  • Fancy a Ferrari, Lambo or Bentley but couldn’t come close to paying for one at dealer prices.
  • Need some new furniture for your house…or maybe you’re moving soon or have rental property and want to kit out a whole house.
  • Want to get your hands on the latest ‘techy’ equipment….phones, hi fi, games consoles, TV’s, Computers etc but can’t possibly pay High Street prices.
  • Fancy a new wardrobe of designer gear for pennies on the pound.
  • Want to get hold of a special wristwatch or piece of jewellery.

If so, well that’s great. Through the manual, you’re going to learn how to grab all this…and a great deal more, for yourself.  The auction process is exactly the same. The only difference is that you don’t have to go to the trouble of selling what you’ve bought!

I want you to get your hands on this invaluable information detailing how you can get more than your fair share of all these seized and recovered goods (for either your own use or to sell on at a massive profit) right away. Why? Because it’s going to be the key to you really cashing in on the up-to-the-second information you’re going to find at our unique website.

Stolen goods (and a great deal more) at your fingertips
at the Proceeds of Crime Website …

organised criminals proceeds of crime 2002

An estimated 40,000 organised criminals are active in Britain today, working in 6,000 groups involved in the drugs trade, human trafficking, child exploitation and cybercrime.
Also conventional crime such as vehicle theft and armed robbery.

The Proceeds of Crime Auction Website details not only when and where upcoming police auctions’ will be taking place, but also gives you a breakdown of exactly what will be on offer on the day. So you can work out exactly what you want to grab – in advance.

There’s much more to the site than that though. For example:

  • A powerful searchable database allowing you to find proceeds of crime auctions in your area or on a specific date.
  • The opportunity to search for exactly what you’re looking to buy or trade in…cars, property, furniture, clothes, jewellery, gold clubs, sports gear, watches, electrical goods or whatever….the choice is yours. You can simply search for it.
  • Direct access to live online bidding with many auctioneers so you don’t even have to leave your armchair to bag many of the bargains on offer.

And There’s A Big Bonus…

Because when you get access to all this information on police ‘proceeds of crime’ auctions, you’ll also get unlimited access to the UK’s biggest database of traditional auctioneers…house clearance auctions, car auctions, government and local authority auctions….and bankruptcy and insolvency sales. Over 1,600 of them!

Put together, it’s  a complete and totally comprehensive package of  information and data to enable you to make £1,000 a week or more from UK auctions.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned trading pro’ looking for an edge, a rank beginner to buying and selling, or just someone looking to pick up some almost unimaginable bargains, this site is going to prove invaluable.

Up to date and accurate…

We’ve enlisted the services of a team of dedicated programmers to ensure that the auction information you get is up to date, accurate and totally searchable. They also make it as easy as possible for you by providing direct links and gateways to bid online where possible. We make it fast and simple for you to find – and then bid on – seized proceeds of crime such as:

  • Luxury cars
  • Yachts
  • Property
  • Jewellery
  • Wrist watches
  • Motorcycles
  • Golf clubs
  • Sports gear
  • TV’s and electrical goods
  • Mobile phone’s
  • Branded clothes
  • Computer equipment

And much more. As a bonus, we also give you  fingertip access to what’s coming up for sale at:

  • HMRC Customs and Excise Auctions – Often selling off the confiscated assets of tax evaders and drug runners.
  • Liquidation & Repossession Auctions – Bankruptcy’s and liquidations are through the roof at the moment. Here’s where all the repossessed goods end up.
  • Government auctions – Goods sold off by the most profligate and wasteful organisation known to man…the UK government!  Embarrassing bargains to be had.

There are literally hundreds of auction houses up and down the UK offering interesting and lucrative opportunities. Some of them are bound to be right on your doorstep, and you can locate them and find out what they’re offering, via the search facility on our database. Simply follow the links and you’ll have dates, times, items for sale….and often the tools to be bid there and then online.

How easy do you want it to be?

I want to spell out exactly what this
unique opportunity could mean to you…

Law enforcement recover assets

The Home Office reported law enforcement agencies recovered, froze or returned over £1bn worth of criminal assets. A further £49m was returned to victims, while around £831m in assets were denied to criminals in the same period.

You sit down at your computer next Monday morning (after waking naturally and a cup of coffee of course!) having absorbed the key information “How To Make £1,000 A Week Or More From The Proceeds Of Crime.”   and log on to the stolen goods auction website. Everything is laid out there for you, and you start your search. Perhaps you’re looking for a particular thing…cars, clothing, phones or whatever…or maybe you just want an auction nearby. Either way, everything is at your fingertips.

Chances are, exactly what you’re looking for will be coming up for sale in the next 48 hours. In just a few days time you can have bid on it, bought it and be re-advertising it on eBay or elsewhere at a huge profit. It really is  that easy and you can do this over and over again, as many times as you like.

This could be your ‘working life’ from now on….

No more alarm clocks, no more early morning starts, no more commuting in the rain, no more boss or office politics. The income from putting up with all of that can easily be replaced by buying and selling a few items each week at proceeds of crime auctions.

Plan it right and you can do everything from your computer screen…buy at the insider Proceeds of Crime Auctions you’re going to learn about here,  and then swiftly sell on again via eBay or similar…where the lazy buyers are ready and waiting with their cash.

And to think all of this is only
possible as  a result of crime!

If you’re looking for a lucrative and equally important…sustainable way to make money from home, you need look no further than this. Buying low and selling high is just about the simplest (and most time-proven) method there is to make money. The goods on offer will change of course, but there will always be auctions. This is a money making system you can use for life, and it’s totally flexible…

  • It doesn’t matter what you want to trade in.
  • It doesn’t matter how much spare time you have.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are.
  • It doesn’t matter what previous experience you have.
  • It doesn’t matter how much money you have.

This will still work for YOU!

The range of goods available is mind boggling and you can start by investing just a few pounds up to tens of thousands if your pockets are deep enough!  These auctions take place pretty much every day of the week and so you can always work around your other commitments when getting started. The only knowledge you’ll need is in the package I’m hoping you’ll take a look at now. Here are some more reasons why I think you should…

  • It’s completely recession proof. It doesn’t matter one iota whether the economy is bust. In fact, more goods end up at auction (and prices are lower) when times are tough.
  • There are opportunities to profit every day of the week.
  • No extra software, books, training or advice is required. Everything you need is included in the package and at the website.
  • You can get started literally the same day you receive the package we’ve put together for you.
  • You can pick up and drop this when you feel like it. There’s no need to work on it every day if you don’t want to. You could even do it just one day a week (or even one day a year!) if you wanted to. It’s totally flexible.

So How How do I Get Started?

It’s ridiculously simple, anyone can do it, and you can start profiting straight away.  So what are you waiting for?

proceeds of crime at uk auctions