Summers Place Auctions are proud to announce the first auction with a focus on Tribal Art. Very much in fashion at the moment since it works so well with contemporary art and interior design.

Amongst the highlights of this sale is the collection of 56 lots collected in the Sepik river area of Papua New Guinea during the middle of the 20th Century, by repute by a missionary who was stationed there both before and after the Second World. The majority of lots are very affordable with estimates under £500.

In addition material from all over the world is sourced. From Amazonion paddles to beaded moccasins worn by the Sioux tribe in South Dakota. Also from North America is a rare marble group of Hiawatha and Minnehaha, immortalised in Longfellow’s eponymous poem, together with other classical and romantic marble sculptures.

If the Orient takes your fancy, there is everything from an Edwardian Japanese style tea house to a pair of monumental life size Chinese hardstone trees meticulously carved in rose quartz and jadeite.

As well as the always popular selection of Victorian Coalbrookdale cast iron furniture and other garden ornament and sculpture, there is a good selection of interior design pieces together with stunning minerals and fossils and if you want the ultimate “toys for boys” present for the man who has everything, have a look at the 1960’s 10.9 metre Lavochkin V-760 rocket, with a dummy nuclear warhead; a snip a £8,000-12,000!