‘It’s like a lottery win’: Diving fans sell collection of vintage helmets – including one fashioned from a steel drum for £570,000

  • Anthony and Yvonne Pardoe sold their collection of more than 150 vintage diving helmets for £570,000
  • Devon auctioneer Christopher Hampton of Bearnes Hampton and Littlewood said it was ‘like a lottery win’
  • One of the helmets was made from scraps of metal by a Swedish farmer to rescue his tractor from a lake 
  • The collection of helmets had vintage items dating from the early 1950s up to modern equipment from the 1970s

A couple have sold their collection of vintage diving helmets for a staggering £570,000.

Anthony and Yvonne Pardoe’s hobby saw them amass more than 150 helmets worn by divers from the 1850s to the 1970s.

Their collection included one fashioned from a steel drum, and another helmet welded together from scraps of metal by a Swedish farmer when he decided to recover his tractor from an icy lake.

Christopher Hampton, of Devon auction house Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood, said: ‘It’s like a lottery win.’

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