A DALEK used in the 1966 series of Doctor Who alongside the second doctor Peter Troughton is expected to fetch nearly £20,000 when it goes under the hammer.

The BBC creation is part of a collection of film props belonging to a private collector from Hertfordshire built up over 25 years.

Among the other lots are a 2ft-tall egg from Ridley Scott’s film Alien and the puppet of Salman Rushdie which was used in Spitting Image.

James Lewis, an auctioneer at Bamford’s in Derby, said the unique collection of memorabilia was put up for sale after the collector downsized his home.

Mr Lewis said: “I have seen and valued Daleks before in people’s houses, but usually they turn out to be the type that you would see at a fairground and I have never seen one like this.

“When it turned out to be genuine it was a great moment – not only that, though, it was used in the original 1960s series and is an absolute icon on TV. It’s instantly recognisable.

“The collector decided that he wanted to downsize his house and no longer had enough room for all of the props that he had collected over the 25 years he had been going.

“I think that his wife said that she would rather there wasn’t a Dalek in the living room.

“Although there’s only 68 lots on offer, it doesn’t do justice to how big it really is.”The Dalek alone is 6ft high and 5ft long and the egg from the Alien films is 2ft tall – the collection takes up an entire floor of our auction house

“We are really hoping that we will managed to pack out the auction when they are sold off and it’s such a privilege to be the one to auction them.

“It’s not something that comes around twice with items this rare. There’s huge demand for this kind of stuff.

“Remarkably, the props are in really good condition. A lot of the time they are thrown around quite a bit on set, but since then it’s obvious that the lots have been taken good care of.

“Of all of the collections that I have auctioned off over the years, my friends have never been so interested in what I’m selling.”