A note John Lennon wrote when he was 11 is expected to fetch big money at a U.K. auction in April












The thank you card the late Beatles star wrote to his Aunt Harriet is expected to go under the hammer for an unbelievable £30,000.

The scrawl on a fold-out note card was written shortly after Christmas, 1951. In it Lennon thanked his relative for the presents she sent him, including a book about ships.

Auction bosses at, who have acquired the letter from the rocker’s cousin David Birch, believe it may be the fist note the budding songwriter wrote.

It reads: “Dear Harrie Thank you for the book that you sent to me for Christmas and for the towel with my name on it, And I think it is the best towel I’ve ever seen.

“The book that you sent to me is a very interesting one. I am at the bottom of page 18 at the moment. The story is famous Ships its all about a man called Captain kidd the pirate. I am on the second chapter, the first chapter is called the Victory and the second is called the Mary Celeste. Thank you for the red jumper that you sent to me. I hope you have a happy new year. Love from John.”