A lock of John Lennon’s hair that was cut as he prepared to appear in a film sold for $35,000 (£24,000) at an auction in Dallas.

The four-inch snippet was bought by Paul Fraser, a UK based memorabilia collector.

It had been kept by a German hairdresser who worked on the set of How I Won the War, a 1967 film directed by Dick Lester.

Other items sold by Heritage auctions included a photograph signed by all four Beatles, which fetched $42,500 (£30,000) and a sealed copy of the band’s “butcher” cover for the “Yesterday and Today” album went for $125,000 (£87,000)

Beatles memorabilia remains heavily in demand. Last year the group’s first ever recording contract was sold in New York for $75,000 (£52,000).

The 1961 contract, which belonged to Uwe Blaschke a German collector who died in 2012, led to the release of “My Bonnie” a reworked children’s song.