Septembers Collective Auction Proves a Collectors Dream

The Amazing Spiderman No. 14 would have cost you just 9 pre-decimalisation pennies (3.75 pence) when the comic arrived in the newsagents back in July 1964. Today a copy will cost you somewhere between £740 and £8,500 and CJM have one going under the hammer in North Lincolnshire in a few weeks time.

Comics or comic books are now a serious collecting field with an international following prepared to pay quite surreal amounts of money to acquire rare issues.

The Spiderman No. 14 that will be auctioned off next month is just one of the treasures in a wonderful collection that was amassed by a Brigg couple over a number of years. It extends to 1,168 individual comics, dating from 1961–95.

Just how much No. 14 makes when it appears at auction depends on condition: Even an example in poor condition is likely to make a thousand pounds. Find one in near mint condition and you really are looking at a value in excess of eight thousand pounds.

The first twenty Amazing Spiderman are all rare. Eighteen months ago an American man helped to fund his daughter’s wedding by selling his Spiderman 1 for £4,500.

The majority in this auction are Marvel (Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four etc.) or DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern etc.) with some Dark Horse and Valiant in the mix.

Items of particular note are a number of rare Fantastic Four comics including numbers 8 and 112, both of which sell at auction for close to £400 apiece.

There is also a huge collection of Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. Individually these might make only £15 or £20 each (only £15 or £20!) but there are so many and they are in such good condition that the value is again going to be up into the hundreds of pounds.

Many remain in the cellophane wrappers in which they were acquired. Some, such as a first edition Captain Britain, even retain the free gifts that came with them. (In that case a mask.)

The collection is to go under the hammer in an online auction on Tuesday September 8th.

It is being lotted with the enthusiast in mind although there is no doubt that it will attract the interest of trade buyers too. Some of the rarer comics will be sold individually. Others will be sold as sets.

The values are expected to range from under a hundred pounds (????) up into the thousands. Quite modest when you think that one comic has a current valuation of £1.8 million. Action Comics No.1 issued in June 1938 . . .  There are thought to be less than a hundred still in existence.

Apart from the comics, the sale will also include two important local collections of aviation material including books, magazines, models, memorabilia and even aircraft blueprints, dating back to the 1930s.

Auction closes from 12 Noon for the Industrial lots and 6pm for the Antiques on Tuesday 8th September


Friday 4th September, 1pm – 4.30pm & Monday 7th September, 10am – 5 pm

Location: The CJM Auction Centre

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