Home Tips:

  • Install a low-flow shower head
  • Use re-usable containers to store and transport food
  • Purchase locally grown organic food from shops/farmers’ markets
  • Eat less meat
  • Use the wind – dry your laundry on a clothes line (or on a hanging rack)
  • Turn your TV off – don’t leave it on standby
  • Think before you buy – do you really need (or even want) it?
  • Only buy as much food as you need
  • Grow your own food – get an allotment or a window box of herbs
  • Avoid toxic paints, try to use natural paints where possible
  • Look to alternatives for tampons & pads, try a mooncup
  • Avoid disposable nappies, try cloth, or even better no nappies – like in China
  • Don’t buy new, find re-used – think charity shops, freecycle etc.
  • Can your car run on biodiesel for those trips you must do!
  • Volunteer somewhere today
  • Save water: bath with a friend
  • Use washable nappies breast pads and baby wipes

Office Tips

  • Use a coffee mug instead of disposable mugs
  • Use public transport, car pools, walk or cycle to work
  • Reduce washing up only use one mug a day in the office
  • Think before you print

Energy Tips

  • Use cloth instead of paper towels
  • Lower your water heaters temperature to 60°C
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room
  • Buy electricity from a green energy supplier

Water Tips

  • Place a plastic water bottle filled with water in your toilet flush to save water

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