Suffering From A tax Conscience? Take This to Relieve The Symptoms:

£650 – What Salford City Council is spending per day on a part-time jobs consultant – at the same time as making 800 of its own staff redundant in a £47m budget cutback.

£15,000 – The value of goods stolen from the Houses of Parliament over the past year. Items include a candlestick worth £1,000 and rugs worth £800.

£1.5m – What Norfolk County Council has spent on a new bus lane, which is unused because it is too narrow. Drivers need specialist training to negotiate the tight bends.

£5m – How much loony Camden Council has made from one traffic camera. The camera is trained on Britain’s most baffling road, where nine street signs and a set of defunct signs confront motorists. Grafton Road also operates a one-way system that works in one direction in the morning and the opposite direction in the afternoon.

£1.5bn The official estimate of what Britain’s 30 million motorists will fork out in pay-and-display charges, permits and fines this financial year – £50 each.

Editor’s Note: Did you know that in a couple of years’ time we will be spending £11.3bn on overseas aid annually? That would be enough to scrap both inheritance tax (£2.9bn) and stamp duty (£8.4bn) completely.

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