As a seller on ebay I at first found it difficult to accept that all of the Lacoste polo shirts advertised for sale were fake well it stands to reason that some of them must be genuine doesn’t it ?

However having looked into the market further I now firmly believe that unless the seller is reselling a top bought from a reputable high street store with the original receipt that you must fear the worse . I purchased a very small amount from a reputable wholesaler established for over 25 years being assured that I was purchasing genuine Lacoste however at the first question of the authenticity of the shirts they were unable to prove without question that the shirts were genuine only being able to give me lukewarm assurances that their supplier reassured them of their authenticity .

Now if I wanted to buy fakes I wouldnt have to look too far infact I wouldnt have to look at all because for every day I advertised my Lacoste shirts on ebay I was receiving approx 6 emails a day offering to supply me with Lacoste , Ralph Lauren , Hugo Boss , Gucci , Nike , Adidas , Louis Vuitton and many many more all from China. So I had a look at their websites, well you would wouldnt you and take it from me it was mind blowing .

Everything and anything with a brand name that could be copied has been and copied very very well but I had seen them all before , yes on ebay .

So specifically with Lacoste but I am certain this also applies to many many more. I have come to the conclusion that there is no secret supply or supplier of genuine Lacoste shirts at bargain prices they just do not exist .

If you think logically for a moment the type of seller dealing with this product is operating on a very small insignificant basis , basically the same guy who used to flog these shirts down at the local pub has up and moved with the times to the internet he is certainly not buying all of the old stock from Harrods , Harvey Nicks or House of Frazer and neither is anyone else for that matter.

So basically we have ended up with a vibrant market for the selling of copied, faked branded goods, with seemingly unlimited supply which still remains illegal but impossible to police . So if you are looking for genuine Lacoste polo shirts ask the seller to prove that it is genuine and unless he can come up with a copy of his contract and Licence to retail Lacoste from Lacoste you have got to believe that it is just another fake.

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