It would appear that the following scam is also being used with xbox 360’s, be careful!!!
Whilst searching for the new Nokia 8800 mobile, I discovered quite a few auctions offering large quantities of 8800’s, N90’s and various other new, expensive and highly desirable mobiles, at what seems to be a very good deal. If you take the time to search through the listings, you will see the genuine sellers of (for example) the Nokia 8800, are getting somewhere between £300 and £350 pounds for there phone at the moment, so a listing offering 46 of these, with a start price of £12, seemed a little to good to be true!!

These listings claim to take Paypal, that the ‘phones are all with manufacturers 2-year warranty, brand new, unlocked blah blah blah… BUT they also say that there Ebay registered e-mail is “having some problems”, and that you should contact them on what is normally a net-based email. (yahoo, gmail, hotmail etc.)

This is when your first reply to an enquiry to something like shipping cost, asks you for your full name and address “so we can start the shipping”

After several more mails, you discover that they will only take Cash posted direct, funds from Western Union, or other direct transfer system–Which Ebay has now banned, and when you ask what guarantee they offer you, they’ll tell you “I’m an honest business man, with a wife and too kids who I’m love very much, the money is meaning nothing to me, I don’t wanting any trouble with the cops”!!!

Things to look out for

Bad English grammar and spellings! (see above quote for example, this was a direct copy from one of these e-mails!)

“Blocked” e-mail address’s

Strange mention of family members- most people keep business and private separate!!

Sick relatives in 3rd world countries

No post charges listed

Payment instructions different from listings, i.e. Paypal in “payment instructions” section, but money transfer only in description

Contacts through net-based E-mail’s or websites

Pre-approved bidders only

Mobile phones listed in irrelevant categories, such as children’s books or shoes (this usually means they’ve hijacked somebody elses account!)

Wholesale quantities of phones, from sellers who normally sell single, completely different small items

Options of how many would you like to buy?

Options of which phone you want to buy?

No information other than copy/pasted phone spec from manufacturers websites

Very few deals are scams, and the above do appear in genuine listings, from honest, trustworthy sellers, but put all of these criteria together………..and your gonna get stung. Ebay states you should never involve yourself in an “off Ebay trade”, just remember a little bit of common sense goes a long way, but more importantly…….

If it looks too good to be true, it often is!!!!!

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