Although this is directed at Christmas shopping it is true for all times of the year.

The IAM’s chief examiner, Peter Rodger is offering weekly motoring advice to riders and drivers. Peter is offering advice on how drivers can keep their car safe .

  • Don’t leave your car unattended with the engine running while it warms up, particularly when you have valuables left in there. It is surprising how many people do this and your insurance company may not pay out on any claim.
  • Ensure you park your car in a bay that can be seen and has good surveillance. When you return to your car have your keys ready and watch out for anyone acting suspiciously.  Allow plenty of time to get to your destination and always choose a well-lit, CCTV protected car park.
  • It might sound obvious, but do ensure all car windows and doors are locked before leaving the car park – making sure you have not left any of your personal belongings behind. If you have one, use a steering lock.
  • Put the sat-nav away before leaving your car. If it attaches to your windscreen, wipe off any traces of ring-marks.
  • It goes without saying that you should keep all your shopping bags and presents out of sight. If they can be seen they can be stolen.
  • Avoid leaving your purchases in the car overnight. After a big shopping trip, ensure you drop off all your purchases at home before heading elsewhere.
  • Remember, you are still an easy target for thieves without anything valuable on display. Your A-Z road atlas or a few old CDs, which you don’t find as valuable as your gifts can still attract unwanted attention. Keep it all out of sight.

Rodger said, “Much of this advice is sheer common sense, however these are the things people neglect time and time again with the stress of Christmas shopping.

“This may be the season for giving, but there is no need to gift your hard-earned presents to an undeserving thief. So passengers need to play their part and remind drivers not to turn their vehicles into a shop window”.